Our story

For many years, the fashion world has put designers on a pedestal and forgotten that the clothes and the wearer should take the spotlight. We believe that the identity of the woman is more important than the identity of the designer .

"the identity of the woman

is more important

that the identity

of the designer."

Our brand is more than a label. Our signature trademarks include sophisticated prints, feminine silhouettes and versatility designed to flatter the female form.
at anonyme, we are inspired by the mystery and beauty in every woman.

"Femininity is something

which transcends

language, culture and time."

It is a quality expressed in many ways and we believe our designs are a vehicle through which every woman can express emotions, share feelings and reveal what is inside of her. It should liberate your true self and allow you to play by your own rules.

"Fashion is about expressing

the essence of who you are"



"Every corner of Rome

has a story and every

story is an inspiration

for our designs"

The eternal beauty and cosmopolitan influences of this city, our origin, run through the designs and translate into the prints, patterns and details of each collection. With worldwide headquarters in Barcelona, ANONYME fuses traditional Italian tailoring with international elements to produce timeless and elegant styles of distinction. In the tradition of classical tailors, ANONYME designers choose to remain in the shadows and let the clothes take the spotlight.The ANONYME mask has come to symbolise that discretion. Our understanding of fashion has been shared by many, as of today, ANONYME designers is available on 3 continents, from Japan through to north America in more than 1000 premium stores.